• Reading Workshop



    Reading Workshop is dedicated to providing students with TIME and CHOICE for their reading experiences--and LOTS of it!!

    Each day, our reading instruction will begin with a mini-lesson that targets a specific reading skill or strategy.  This mini-lesson will allow students to understand the skill/strategy, engage in guided practice, and then incorporate this skill/strategy into their own reading.

    Our class time will include a wide variety of experiences with texts, in addition to students own book choices.  This will include:

    • Shared Reading--the whole class analyzes a text together
    • Close Reading--the whole class reads and reads a text together, each time analyzing the text with a different focus
    • Guided Reading--small groups will meet to hone a specific reading skill or strategy
    • Read-Alouds--the whole class will listen to a text read orally to identify and analyze key text features

    Students are also expected to read 150 every week. Every student has a specific page goal based on their individual reading pace. , and they may divide their reading time throughout the week as it best suits their schedule. Reading goals are set at the start of each week, typically on Mondays. This time should ONLY focus on independent reading books (fiction or non-fiction), not magazines, newspapers, or textbooks. The specific genre of the book will change depending upon the unit we are studying in class. 

    Students should also be stopping to jot at least 8-10 post-its during their reading each week. These will periodically be checked and used as a grade to monitor student's comprehension and progress.

    Every student has their own Reading Journal, which will travel between home and school every day.  This journal is the place where students will store the post-it note reflections they write as they read a text, as well as compose more in-depth responses by building off of the ideas jotted on their post-it notes