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    In, LAL, we use a points-based grading system in order to provide both students and parents with a more accurate depiction of performance.  Each assignment is given a specific point value--determined by the significance of the assignment and the amount of time we have spent on it. For example, homework is worth 4 points, while published writing pieces are worth 50 or more points. Each assignment is part of a particular category and all assignments in this category are added together to calculate the category total. Each category is given a weighted percent, which is then used to calculate the overall grade for each marking period.

    ACADEMIC = 70%

    • Reading Journals, 20%
    • Writing Pieces, 25%
    • Post-it Notes, 15%
    • Projects, 10%


    • Homework, 10%
    • Snapshots, 10%
    • Engagement and Preparation, 10%