Language Arts - Reading

  • Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (Red and Gold Systems)


    • Provide books that are engaging and build knowledge
    • Increase reading volume
    • Support development of independent and self-regulatory reading behaviors
    • Increase reading of a variety of genres
    • Provides systematic study of how words work (phonics and word structure)
    • Intentional vocabulary development
    • Teach for fluency (pausing, phrasing, intonation, and rate)
    • Expands thinkng about text through talking and writing


    Daily Instruction

    Students particpate in daily highly structured reading groups targeting skills including phonics/decoding, fluency, comprehension and spelling.  Each night they will bring home a text or skill sheet to complete.  Please support your child as they read aloud and independently.  Encourage them to talk about their reading by asking questions which require them to summarize, make an inference related to character traits or development, identity the problem and solution, draw conclusions and determine themes.

    Books sent home need to be returned the next day!


    Home Reading Logs

    Books sent home to read may be included in reading minutes for home reading logs.  Students may also continue to read from their independent books.  Please encourage  your child to complete their Home Reading Log sheet daily and to fill in the information on their own!  This is an important step in building independence and taking responsibility for their learning.  Reading logs will be collected at the end of each month. Star Goal Minutes can only be reached if reading in excess of 20 minutes daily and/or reading on days it is not assigned for homework, such as the weekend.  Student who earn Star Goal Minutes will be recognized in class.  

    Monthly reading logs and the reading log rubric can be found below:

    September Reading Log 

    Home Reading Log Rubric

    October Home Reading Log






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