• Objective: For students to develop the fundamental skills first so that they can transfer their skill development to the game/sport that day.

    Skills/Sports covered throughout the year:


    • Dribbling with feet
    • Passing (focus: keeping the ball on the ground)
    • Soccer
    • Scooter Soccer
    • Developing lower body strength
    • Dribbling
    • Passing via overhand throw
    • Movement Skills (log rolling, jumping, running, bunny hop, etc.)


    • Dribbling (basketball)
    • Bounce Pass
    • Shooting at the Basket
    • Basketball
    • Floor Hockey
    • Scooter Hockey
    • Cylinder Ball
    • Frisbees
    • Relay Races
    • Obstacle Course


    • Kickball
    • Frisbee Golf
    • Obstacle Course
    • Field Day Activities (preperation for field day)
    • Four Square