• Classroom Expectations


    Classroom Rules


    1. Respect - respect each other as well as the classroom.

    2. No Electronics - No cell phones, tablets, or computers during the instruction. Unless told otherwise.

    3. No Food or Snacks - Food and snacks are for the cafeteria not math class.


    Classroom Procedures

    1. Enter the room quietly and sit at your assigned seat.

    2. Have any homework out ready to be checked on your desk at the beginning of class.

    3. Immediately begin working on the “Do Now” when you come into class.


    Chromebook Policy

    As per the signed Chromebook Acceptable Use contract, the students are expected to:

    • come to school with their Chromebooks fully charged each day.
    • always have their Chromebooks with them for every class.
    • only visit websites for school purposes (including during OP).

    The eighth-grade team is working together to monitor the appropriate use of Chromebooks during every class. 

    • For their first issue, students will be given a warning. 
    • For their second issue, an email will be sent home. 

    For their third issue, students will receive lunch detention with Mr. Young.