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    Listed below are the topics covered in the Algebra 1 Curriculum:


    Relationships between Quantities

    ● Write and evaluate/solve expressions/equations
    ● Solve multistep equations, absolute value equations and proportions
    ● Calculate percent of change, discounts, and tax
    ● Solve mixture and uniform motion problems

    Linear Relationships

    ● Solve linear equations by graphing
    ● Calculate rate of change/slope, and determine if relationships show direct variation/proportionality
    ● Recognize/relate arithmetic sequence to linear function
    ● Write and graph linear equations in various forms
    ● Investigate relationships using lines of best fit
    ● Find the inverse of a relation and of a linear function
    ● Solve and graph systems of equations and inequalities

    Exponential and Quadratic Relationships

    ● Multiply and divide monomials
    ● Express numbers in scientific notation
    ● Solve and graph equations with rational exponents
    ● Identify and generate geometric sequences
    ● Use and write recursive formulas for sequences
    ● Solve and graph polynomial eq. using various methods
    ● Understand and apply transformations of quadratics
    ● Differentiate between linear, exponential and quadratic equations

    Advanced Functions and Geometry

    ● Graph square root functions using transformations
    ● Simplify, operate with, and solve radical expressions
    ● Solve problems using Pythagorean Theorem
    ● Find trigonometric ratios of angles to solve triangles
    ● Operate with and solve rational expressions, then use asymptotes to graph them

    Data Analysis

    ● Classify and analyze samples of data using statistics
    ● Compare data sets and describe the distribution
    ● Calculate probabilities of compound events