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    24 Game Math Club (Mrs. Sardina)
    Grade levels 3-5, Room 21A
    Tuesday Afternoons (3:00 – 3:45)
    November 12th– May19th

    Students will be introduced to the 24 Math Game and then divided into three levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced). Students will be taught how to use different strategies to come up with different ways to come to the answer of 24. The game also allows for more complex versions of the game which includes double digits, variables, fractions/decimals, integers, and algebra/exponents. Students will be working together to solve problems.

    At the end of the 2nd and 4th marking periods a tournament will be held.


    WeVideo: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling using the Chromebooks.  (Ms. Loffredo)
    Grade 3, Room C
    Wednesday Afternoons (3:00 – 3:45)
    November 13th – February 12th

    Students will be given an opportunity to research topics of interest in order to create short films using WeVideo. They will learn how to copy images from the internet, take and add pictures, text, video, and audio to their films.


    Advanced WeVideo: A video editing class using the Chromebooks. (Ms. Loffredo)
    Grade 4, Room C
    Wednesday Afternoons (3:00 – 3:45)
    February 26th   – May 20th

    Students will use the WEVideo  application to create their own documentary films based on in-class research. They will develop topics, conduct research, use editing tools (such as inserting slides, text, audio, and images). They will create a final piece and present it to the class. They will use skills learned from last year’s class, such as how to copy images from the internet, take and add pictures, text, and video, add audio, and other advanced skills to create educational and entertaining films. 


    Morning Brain (Ms. Starling)
    Grade levels 3-6, Room 11
    Wednesday Mornings (7:35– 8:20)
    November 13th-May 20th

    Students will be challenged by participating in a variety of critical thinking, visual perception, problem solving, and deductive reasoning skills games and puzzles. These brain challenging games and puzzles with a variety of levels will help enhance strategic thinking skills while having a lively and enjoyable time. Come and join the fast and furious fun!

    Recipe Challenge: 12 Plates From Around the World. (Mrs. Bentey)
    Grade levels 3-5, Life Skills Room
    Monday Mornings (7:35 – 8:20)
    November 11th–May 18th

    Students will be challenged to create and prepare recipes providing a percentage of their daily nutritional requirements (RDA). This will require the students to identify and research various nutrients. Students will become familiar with the nutrients in food sources. The information will then be applied to a recipe which they must create, prepare, and critique. Students will be challenged to create and prepare recipes from around the world. 


    Public Speaking (Ms. Haas)
    Grade levels 6-8, Room 26
    Tuesday  Afternoons  (3:00– 3:45)
    November 12th – May 19th

    Students will learn new skills for public speaking. They will write their own original speeches and present them in a group meeting. Students will write the following types of speeches: informative, persuasive, and entertaining. They will become familiar with public speaking techniques. They will engage in group discussions around speech topics and will write and present.


    Eligible students may sign up for more than one before and after school TEP class.
    The morning classes will run  from 7:35 to 8:20 a.m. and the afternoon classes will run from 3:00 – 3:45. Students will enter and exit the school via the main entrance.

    If you have any questions about the TEP program, please contact Mrs. Patricia Bruce, TEP  Coordinator at: 908 301 9104 (ext.234). or at:  pbruce@mountainsideschools.org.


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