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    Homework in second grade should be a supervised activity.  Please review the agenda pad daily.  Students are expected to write down their homework as part of our pack up routine. 


    Encourage your child to use complete sentences when responding to questions.  We will be working on turning questions around to start a complete sentence.


    Reinforce proper and neat handwriting on homework assignments.  Our goal for the students is to take pride in their work.


    Review homework assignments once they are completed even if your child was able to complete it independently.  Please attach a note to any homework assignment that your child struggled with so we know to review these concepts with them.


    Stress to your child the importance of handing in homework assignments on time.  This promotes responsibility.


    Reading logs, and math homework worksheets are available to download off this website should your child misplace or forget his/hers.


    Thank you for your continued support at home, as we work together to promote healthy work routines and reinforce reading, math, and writing skills!