Each night, your child will be responsible for reading for 15-20 minutes and keeping a log of the book they are reading.  Their log and book will be sent home with them daily.  Please be sure to initial their log.  You do not need to sit beside them as they read, but it is important for you to encourage them to find a quiet spot in the house to complete their reading homework.  Some days we will give written assignments to go along with their reading. 


    It is important for your child to read independently in order to increase his or her stamina. However, I strongly encourage you or an older sibling, friend, cousin, etc. to read to your second grader as well. Your child is more than welcome to read other books for fun and pleasure.  We ask that they record these books in their logs also.


    Every two weeks, your child will hand in their reading log to be checked. They will keep these logs in their reading binders/folders so they can see first hand all their hard work paying off!


    We are more than happy to allow students to take home books from our classroom libraries.  However, please restate to your child that these books should be handled with care! Thank you in advance!