• Writer's Workshop

    What is Writer's Workshop?


    Writing Workshop, similar to Reading Workshop, is a method of teaching writing using a workshop model.  Students are given opportunities to write in a variety of genres and helps foster a love of writing.


    Writer's Workshop provides students with a supportive environment that involves them in authentic writingexperiences that focus on the strengths and needs of each individual student.  Writer's Workshop can build students' fluency in writing through continuous, repeated exposure to the process of writing.


    In Writer's Workshop, second grade students are exposed to the organization and thought required to create a story or write about a favorite topic and develop it into an understandable narrative with a focus.


    Units of Writing


    Reading Workshop

    Writing Workshop

    Unit 1 - Reading Growth Spurt

    Lessons from the Masters

    (small moment)

    Unit 2 - Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction

    Information Writing

    (Personal Expertise)

    Unit 3 - Studying Characters & Their Stories

    Writing Gripping Stories

    (Realistic Fiction)

    Unit 5 - Reading Nonfiction Cover to Cover: Nonfiction Book Clubs (Studying a Topic)

    Lab Reports and Science Books

    Unit 6 - Series Book Clubs

    Writing About Reading

    At the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, we have been working for three decades to develop, pilot, revise, and implement state-of-the-art curriculum in writing. We have had a chance to do this work under the influence of the Common Core for the past few years, and this series—this treasure chest of experiences, theories, techniques, tried-and-true methods, and questions—will bring the results of that work to you."
    —Lucy Calkins

    These writing workshop units will:

    • help you teach opinion/argument, information, and narrative writing with increasing complexity and sophistication
    • unpack the Common Core writing standards as you guide students to attain and exceed those expectations
    • foster high-level thinking, including regular chances to synthesize, analyze, and critique
    • develop and refine strategies for writing across the curriculum
    • support greater independence and fluency through intensive writing opportunities
    • include strategic performance assessments to help monitor mastery and differentiate instruction
    • provide a ladder of exemplar texts that model writing progressions across grades K–8


    Writing Rubrics


    Unit rubrics are used to assess students abilities to independently and successfully complete different genres of writing.   Each rubric is based on Common Core standards in Language/ Writing.  The rubrics used for Writing Workshop come directly from Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project.


    Our goal is to have all students perform in the 3 (Meeting) column.  

    Writing prompts may also be given periodically to access students' writing progress on a particular topic or skill. 

    A holistic rubric will be used to assess writing skills.