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    Go Math!:

    Go Math helps children engage with the Common Core State Standards in new, exciting ways.  Lessons begin with context-based situations and then build to more abstract problems.  We will use models, manipulatives, pictures, and symbols to build mathematical understanding.  Your children wil achieve fluency, speed, and confidence with grade-level standards.


    Units of Study: 

    Chapter 1- Number Concepts

    Chapter 2- Numbers to 1,000

    Chapter 3- Basic Facts and Relationships

    Chapter 4- 2-Digit Addition

    Chapter 5- 2-Digit Subtraction

    Chapter 6- 3-Digit Addition and Subtraction

    Chapter 7- Money and Time

    Chapter 8- Length in Customary Units

    Chapter 9- Length in Metric Units

    Chapter 10- Data

    Chapter 11- Geometry

    Getting Ready for Grade 3


    Helpful Resources: 

    Go Math! Online Workbook and Homework Book

    Interactive Math Manipulatives

    Virtual Math Manipulatives

    Go Math! Online Games

    Go Math! App