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    What is Reader's Workshop?

    Reader's Workshop provides students with a supportive environment that involves them in authentic reading experiences that focus on the strengths and needs of each individual student. Reader's Workshop helps students develop strong reading skills through the use of a mini-lesson, shared reading, read aloud, conferencing, independent reading, paired reading, and literature responses. The basic philosophy behind the Reading Workshop model is to allow students to spend an extended amount of time reading authentic texts that interest them on a daily basis and to provide opportunities to talk about literature. The ultimate goal of a Reading Workshop is always to develop life-long passionate readers.


    Units of Study:

    Reading Growth Spurt, Becoming Experts: Reading Information Books, Getting to Know Characters and Their Stories, Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power, Foundational Skills, Series Reading, Nonfiction Reading Clubs, Reading and Role Playing (Fiction, Folktales, and Fairytales)


    Reading Strategies:

    1) Building fluency- Students will read and reread stories to increase their fluency, or their ability to read quickly and accurately with expression. Your child will have many opportunities to read - silently on their own, aloud in groups, and aloud with a partner.

    2) Decoding- Your second grader will be able to recognize a growing number of words, using knowledge of word structures and letter-sound relationships and a variety of strategies to read. Not only do second graders develop skills to hear and say separate sounds in words, but they also use patterns to decode words. Understanding these relationships gives students the ability to recognize familiar words quickly and to figure out words they haven't seen before.

    3) Reading for meaning- In second grade, children learn strategies to draw meaning from what they read. They should be able to:

    • recognize the sequence of events in a story
    • anticipate the possible outcome (predict)
    • retell familiar stories
    • summarize the main ideas and plot
    • identify the characters and settings
    • compare and contrast characters in stories to their own lives
    • determine the who, what, where, why, when, and how 


    Prompts for Practicing Reading at Home (by level)



    Your child has access to a wonderful world of books through Raz-Kids! We are fortunate enough to have Raz-Kids renewed for the school year thanks to the MEF.  Raz-Kids can be used as part of your child’s independent reading homework. Please have your child log “Raz-Kids” in their reading log. We will use Raz-Kids as a supplemental tool during reading in school as well. Your child’s Raz-Kids reading level is based on their Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment. While some Reading A-Z levels match directly with Fountas and Pinnell, others do not. 

    Here is how to access the website and your child’s reading assignment from any computer connected to the Internet (there is also an app!):

    1. Go to www.raz-kids.com from your Internet browser and click on Kids Login.

    2. Type in the teacher’s username (kellybakker) and click GO.

    3. Find your name on the chart and click on that symbol.

    4. Enter your picture password.

    5. The books in your child’s assignment and stars earned appear on a personal assignment page. Your child can choose to listen, read, or take a quiz by clicking on the symbols below each book.

    Click Here for the Reading A-Z/Fountas & Pinnell Reading Level Correlation Chart 


    "Just Right" Books:

    Your child and I will have opportunities throughout the year to meet individually and read with one another. I will give your child a reading level he or she will use to shop in the classroom library for "just right" books. Your child will be given an independent reading level and an instructional reading level.

    The following website can help you find books on your child's reading level and can help make sure that you are reading a book that is "just right" for you at home. The "Scholastic Book Wizard" is a helpful resource from Scholastic.com that can help you level your personal collection of books. (There is also an app!)

    Step 1: Go to the Scholastic Book Wizard website

    Step 2: Under "Your Reading Level System", make sure you have selected Guided Reading

    Step 3: Use the "Quick Search", "Book Alike", or "Leveled Search" features to help you find a good match

    Step 4: Dive into a great book!