• By the end of 2nd grade, students should be fluent with their basic addition and subtraction facts.  This means your child needs to be able to solve basic facts from memory (no number grid, counting on their fingers, or other strategies). PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! We will be practicing these facts in class. Any practice at home would benefit your child as well.  This is optional, but highly recommended.


    Some activities that can be done at home to develop these skills include:


    Practice fact triangles and/or flashcards.

    Get creative! Make it fun and practice often.  Quiz them on car rides, while they are taking their bath, etc. Set up a fact scavenger hunt around the house, time them to see if they can get faster and faster, race your child: flip a card and see who can answer first, or play a game of “War” and the person with the bigger sum gets the flashcards.)


    Have your child write the facts that they are having difficulty with.

    Make it fun! Let them use markers/crayons, write them in chalk on the driveway, etc.


    Printable flashcards/triangles:

    Triangles Set 1

    Triangles Set 2

    Triangles Set 3

    Triangles Set 4 

    Addition Flashcards

    Subtraction Flashcards


    iPad Apps:

    FastFacts Add

    FastFacts Sub

    Timed Test Free

    Math Cards