Mountainside Education Foundation

  • WHAT IS MEF?  Meet the MEF

    • The Mountainside Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to provide an ongoing source of funds and resources to assist the Mountainside School District in maintaining and enhancing the quality of education for its students. 


    • Raise funds for educational programs, mini-grants, and aids for curriculum that are above and beyond those provided by the school budget.
    • Prompt and sponsor imaginative approaches to educating students
    • Stimulate community interest and confidence in schools


    • Attend an event (They’re fun!)
    • Make a donation
    • Join our board of trustees! Send us an email or fill out an interest form.
    • Follow us on social media to get updates, and see what we are up to during the year.

    2023-2024 Board of Trustees

    Co-Presidents:  Lisa Klemens & Stephanie Trano
    Secretary:  Lauren Ramos
    Treasurer:  Jeannine Hyman


    Christine Barbera

    Jennie Cadet

    Linda Connors

    Genevieve Cooper

    Karen Dillon

    Jeni Ford

    Sara Gesser

    Lindsey Guyton 

    Lisa Hernandez

    Cheryl Isbirian

    Karen Malet

    Nanda Marques

    Marylene Melim

    Danielle Miranda

    Liliana Oliveira

    Jennifer Pinto

    Claudia Shehady

    Danielle Ward