• Grade 6:

    Life Skills for Grade 6 is an introduction to Nutrition and Wellness, Basic Food Preparation and community outreach based sewing skills. Other topics explored are career development, consumerism, money management, sanitation and safety. The course spans one marking period divided into approximately 7 weeks of Nutrition and Food preparation Labs. and 3 weeks of sewing.

    Sewing Supplies

    1 yard of one quarter inch Gingham Fabric; any color 

    18/22 Chenille needles (Be careful not to buy tapestry needles)

    1 spool of white tread

    Embroidery floss (available in many colors)

    1 ziploc bag large enough to hold all sewing supplies except fiberfill. (please write your child's name on fiberfill and ziploc bag

    1bag of fiberfill

    Please note that gingham is available in less than quarter inch squres however although we can work with the smatter checks it is a greater challenge.


     Grade 7:

    Life Skills for Grade 7 is an exciting year because the food labs become less basic and students learn how to operate the sewing machines. We continue with the academic concentration on Nutrition and Wellness by studying the nutrients and their functions.


    Sewing Supplies

    1/2 yard each of 3 different printed or solid fabric

    Needles - Chenille18/22

    1 spoold of white tread for sewing machine

    1 bag of Fiberfill







    Chef For A Day

    Step One: Decide on a recipe that you would like to demonstrate.


    Step Two: Submit the recipe for approval. The criteria for approval will be based on simplicity and nutritional value. 

                    The recipe will be typed in proper format.*

    Step Three: Following approval choose a date for your demonstration.


    Step Four:Research nutrients in your recipe. Be sure to relate nutrients to wellness.


    Step Five: The following criteria are the basis of a good demonstration.

    • Ease of demonstration
    • Time management
    • Taste test
    • How well the recipe represented the nutritional message you were trying to convey

    An Example: A student chose to demonstrate Baked Macaroni. The ingredienats are pasta, milk, and cheese. THe importance of dairy products and their contribution to calcium intake would be discussed. the relationship between calcium deficiency and osteoporosis may be explored.