Welcome to 3KM!

  •  Specials Schedule:

    Monday-Spanish, Music

    Tuesday- Library, Gym

     Wednesday- Art




    Agenda Pads



    Please check and sign your child's agenda pad every night.  The agenda pad will keep you informed of their nightly homework assignments, as well as any upcoming test dates or projects.  

    It is your child's responsibility to write down their homework daily.  We do give them time at the end of the day to copy the homework into their agenda pads. They also have time to gather up any books or homework papers they may need.  They are given plenty of verbal reminders throughout the day as well.  




    e-mail: skeegan@mountainsideschools.org or cmcgarrity@mountainsideschools.org


       phone: 908-232-8828 x 326 

     Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns

    that you may have throughout the school year!  Please include both of us on the email. If something needs immediate attention please contact the front office and they will alert me.   



  • Birthday Celebrations




    Birthday Celebrations!



    Since students love to have their family and relatives visit their classroom to share in our learning by reading a favorite story aloud to the class, AND we love to celebrate birthdays, we will combine the two events to honor your child on his/her special day!    

     Please contact me if you are interested in reading to our class to celebrate your child's birthday in school. The book you read will then be donated, in your child's name, to our classroom library for all students to enjoy over and over again!!



    Summer birthdays (2017) may choose any available date to celebrate on.

    **Please note: Celebrations will no longer consist of any types of food in the classroom.