Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Posner

Health Education 3rd-8th

Physical Education 3rd-8th

Ms. Posner

Ms. Cruts

Mr. Stanton    bstanton@mountainsideschools



Ms. Posner, Ms, Cruts and Mr. Stanton welcome you to Physical Education, where you will be challenged, treated fairly, have many opportunities to partake in a variety of acticities, and have fun doing it!  You will be participating in a health adventure and physical education class everyday. 


Deerfield School Physical Education Goals

*Learn the skills necessary to perform a variety of tasks

*Become physically fit

*Partake in regular physical activities both in and out of school

*Know the implications of the benefits from involvement in physical activities

*Value physical activity and its contribution to a healthful lifestyle



*1/3 Preparation- are you dressed everyday

*1/3 Participation-sincere effort, cooperation, team work, attitude and ability

*1/3 Skill Test- tested on rules, terms and concepts of each unit


*Demonstrate abilities and participate to th