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Welcome to 6th-grade social studies! 

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6th Grade SS Calendar

  • 6th Grade Social Studies


    The 6th-grade social studies curriculum includes the study of civilizations and cultures of the ancient world.


    Units of study include:

    • Geography: The importance of understanding the world around us.
    • Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras: How the invention of agriculture led to the switch from hunter-gatherer to agrarian societies.
    • Mesopotamia: How the first complex civilization influenced modern society.
    • Egypt: The importance of Egyptian society and its influence on the world.
    • India: How the major religions throughout Indian society influenced their everyday lives.
    • China: Understanding the critical inventions and processes that affect our everyday lives from ancient China.
    • Greece: The significance of Greek civilization and its influence and impact on today's world.
    • Japan: How feudalism impacted culture throughout its history.
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