Spring Sports Information

  • ***Baseball and Softball Tryouts on :   March 14,15,16     Must attend everyday***


    Mountainside School District

    Deerfield School Health Office

    Phone 908-232-8828    Fax 908-926-2580

    February 1, 2022


    To: Parent/Guardian of Middle School Deerfield Athletes

    1. If your child would like to try out for the BASEBALL OR SOFTBALL SCHOOL TEAM,                                                                  please submit their SPORTS PHYSICALS or Health History Update form to THE HEALTH OFFICE NO LATER THAN MARCH 1st.  Please read below (#s 2&3) to see which situation applies to your child and what you need to submit.
    1. A Sports Physical is required before your child can try out for a sport. Please contact your physician for an appointment or they can use their yearly physical information to complete the form, if not already submitted this school year. The state mandated form is available online on the Mountainside School District website or your child can obtain one in the Health Office. Please be sure to complete page 1 & 2 (including athlete and parent/guardian signature) and answer any checked “yes” questions, and ask your physician to complete and sign page 3 of the form. Submit completed form to the Health Office by MARCH 1st.
    2. A sports physical is valid for one year, however, before each new sport a participant must have a Health History Update completed by a parent/guardian. Therefore, if your child has already submitted a sports physical that is still valid (physical date within a year), please complete a Health History Update form available on the MSD website or in the Health Office, and submit it to the Health Office by MARCH 1st. If his/her sports physical has expired (done over a year ago) please submit a new Sports Physical form as mentioned in #2. 
    3. All sports physicals are reviewed by Dr. Ronald Frank, our school physician, who ultimately determines clearance.  Please keep a copy for your records, and send the original in an envelope directly to the Health Office, attention “School Nurse” or fax it to the fax number above.

    Please note, failure to submit these forms by the due date, MARCH 1st, may result in your child not being able to try out for the team, due to the turnaround time it takes for forms to be reviewed by our school physician for clearance. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns or if you would like to verify which form you need to submit. 


    Mrs. Branco and Ms. Posner


    Baseball Schedule   2022  tba

    Softball Schedule   2022   tba


    Tryouts are OUTSIDE

    Please meet the coaches on your field