• Mountainside Schools Gifted & Talented 2019-2020




    Definition Of Gifted & Talented Students

    Those students who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability, in one or more content areas, when compared to their chronological peers in the local district and who require modification of their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities.

    N.J.A.C. 6A: 8-3.1 (a) 5 ii requires local district boards of education to provide appropriate K-12 educational services for gifted and talented students. Therefore, the identification process and appropriate educational challenges must begin in kindergarten.



    The Mountainside School District is committed to providing appropriate and challenging learning opportunities for all students. 

    Mountainside School District identifies and makes provisions for students in each grade level who possess or demonstrate exceptionally high levels of ability across various subject areas, as compared to their peers within the district. These include:


    • Differentiated curriculum 

    • Flexible subject-specific ability groupings within classrooms 

    • Electives, clubs and extracurricular activities 

    • Before & after school enrichment programs

    • Single-subject acceleration 

    • Honors program

    • In School pullout program

    • Local, State, and  National competitions

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    Mountainside School District Enrichment Program


    Beechwood School

    (Pre-K- Grade 2) all students participate  in our Enrichment Program. The overarching theme is: Travel Around the World. Activities are designed to provide challenge and rigor for students at all levels to expand their learning and creativity as they explore World Cultures. All class teachers differentiate instruction to extend and expand class lessons for students. Individual student’s strengths, talents and interests are addressed.

    New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:8-1.3 defines students who are gifted and talented as those students who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability in one or more content areas when compared to their chronological peers in the local district and who require modification of their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities.


    Gifted and Talented Identification

    At the end of  grade 2 a formal identification process is conducted to determine eligibility for the Gifted and Talented program at Deerfield School. Students will be assessed again for eligibility at the end of Grade 4. The committee also conducts an annual review of student data, students who meet the criteria for TEP will be eligible for the program.

    Multiple criteria are used to identify academically talented students in grades K-8. 

    All students are reviewed annually using grade-specific criteria.

    New students are evaluated within 30 school days.

     •  Grade 2  End of Year - Reading, Writing, & Math  Benchmarks,  

        MAP Scores (Gr. 2  Spring & Gr. 3 Fall)

     •  Grades 3-8 MAP Scores (Spring & Fall) and NJSLA scores. 

    Once a student enters the program, the student may continue participating in the program each year through 8th grade. Participation in the program is optional . 

    Students and parents sign a contract of behavioral expectations. This outlines how students take responsibility to make up missed class work (in school program), and how they agree to work on projects both independently and collaboratively.



    Students whose parents feel they were not identified through the selection process may appeal to the Deerfield Principal, Mrs. Kimberly Richards. 




    Gifted & Talented Programs for 2019-20

    Before and After School

    We Video, Morning Brain, 24 Math Game

    Public Speaking, 12 Plates from Around the World.

    Students may participate in more than one before and or after school program in addition to one in school TEP class.


    In School

    MAKERSPACE projects Grades 3, 4, & 5
    Music project Grades 3, 4, & 5
    Consumer Science Lab projects Grades Grades 3,  4 , & 5
    Art Lab STEAM  projects Grades 4 & 5
    STEM projects.Grade 6
    STEM projects Grade 7
    STEM projects Grade 8
    Social Studies / Civics projects Grade 8


    Students may participate in one in school TEP project..