Board of Education Members




     Vivian Pupo, President  Term exp. 2023  (908) 208-2007
     Dana Guidicipietro, Vice President  Term exp. 2023  (908) 232-0514
     Bill Dillon  Term exp. 2025  (908) 914-6775
     Jordan Hyman  Term exp. 2024  (908) 264-8378
     Michael Goodwin  Term exp. 2025  (201) 321-3050
     Candice Schiano  Term exp. 2024  (201) 463-2209
     Carmine Venes  Term exp. 2025  (908) 233-1086
    Union County Educational Services Commission Board - Dana Guidicipietro
    Berkeley Heights Board of Education - Jordan Hyman
    NJ School Boards Association Delegate - Candice Schiano
    NJ School Boards Association Alternate - Bill Dillon
    County School Boards Association Delegate -  Carmine Venes
    Mountainside Borough Council & Legislative Liaison - Bill Dillon
    Mountainside PTO Representative - Dana Guidicipietro
    Mountainside Public Library Liaison - Michael Goodwin/Jordan Hyman (Alternate)
    Mountainside Senior Citizen Liaison - Carmine Venes
    Budget and Finance/Buildings and Grounds
    Bill Dillon, Chair
    Michael Goodwin
    Carmine Venes
    Curriculum/Health & Wellness
    Candice Schiano, Chair
    Dana Guidicipietro
    Vivian Pupo
    Carmine Venes, Chair
    Candice Schiano
    Bill Dillon
    Strategic Planning
    Candice Schiano, Chair
    Dana Guidicipietro
    Jordan Hyman