• PEAK Show & Tell Schedule


    show and tell


    Fri. Sept. 27th, 2019- Favorite stuffed animal 


    Fri. Oct. 25th, 2019- Photograph of a favorite memory


    Fri. Nov. 22nd, 2019- Something I made


    Fri. Dec. 20th, 2019- Favorite toy 


    Fri. Jan. 31st, 2020- Something that begins with the same letter as my name 


    Fri. Feb. 28th, 2020- Favorite book


    Fri. Mar. 27th, 2020- Something of my favorite color


    Fri. Apr. 24th, 2020- Something I found outside


    Fri. May 29th, 2020- A picture of something I want or somewhere I want to go


    Fri. June 12th, 2020- Something I can do (song, backbend, joke, dance, etc.)